Meet our Team

At Massetone Entertainment we believe our biggest asset is our people.

We’ve been in the business a long time and many things have changed down through the years but there is one truth that will always remain: the DJ/MC that you hire will make or break your event.

When you hire us to provide DJ services for your event you aren’t just hiring someone to stand behind a table and press play, you are hiring interactive entertainment professionals who understand the importance of a successful event and know the ways to make it happen.

Because we value our people so much, we wanted to give you a chance to meet them. We look forward to speaking to you soon!


Aaron Lindle - Business Manager



Phil Powell-
DJ/Entertainment Professional



Dwayne Hodges-
DJ/Entertainment Professional



Jemmerio McCaw-
DJ/Entertainment Professional



Geoff Schoon-
DJ/Entertainment Professional-Bilingual-habla español



Nina Little-
DJ/Entertainment Professional



Landon Murray-
DJ/Entertainment Professional


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